Ballena, Costa Rica

Ballena is a located in the south Pacific of Costa Rica, where the lush green mountains meet the vast blue Pacific Ocean. Here, the sun rises over the wild green mountains and burns off the mist that comes off the jungle, and sets over the seemingly-infinite Pacific Ocean with colors you didn’t even think existed. Located in the Osa Canton in the South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, Ballena is a 3-4 hour drive from the capital, San Jose.

Ballena is set between Uvita-Bahia Ballena and Ojochal, 20 minutes south of Dominical, a popular surf destination. An area that is still not very developed or touristy, Ballena is near a variety of still-pristine beaches such as Playa Ballena, Playa Arco, Playa Piñuela, and Playa Ventanas. Ballena offers a variety of exciting activities to participate in, such as hiking through the jungle to see waterfalls and swim in natural pools or participating in a whole host of marine activities, including surfing, kayaking, and whale watching, at Marino Ballena National Park.

Marino Ballena National Park

Extending from Ballena northward towards Uvita, the Marino Ballena National Park is one of three marine national parks in Costa Rica. Created in December of 1989, the park is home to one of the most biologically diverse marine habitats in Costa Rica. Today, the park aims to ensure the survival of critical habitats for the reproduction and nesting of marine species, as well as to preserve the productivity of biological communities that inhabit the coastal areas.

Bahia Ballena gets its name from two different places. First, from the many whales, including humpbacks and a variety of dolphins, that visit its waters throughout the year. From August to October the area is visited by whales coming from the southern hemisphere, while in the months of December to April you will spot humpback whales coming from the cold waters of the north. Second, Bahia Ballena gets its name from the infamous "whale tail", a sandbar at the north end of the beach that, when the tide is out, looks like a giant whale’s tail.

Osa Peninsula & South Pacific of Costa Rica

Of all of Costa Rica, the Osa Peninsula and entire south Pacific region is the most biologically diverse; in the most distinct regions of one of the most diverse countries, you are sure to see some incredible flora and fauna. This area has an incredibly complex ecosystem and is protected by the Costa Rican government — much of this area, especially that to the south and west, is either inaccessible or incredibly difficult to reach.

Ballena is part of a vast area called Costa Ballena, which extends from Dominical to Ojochal and includes some of Costa Rica’s most wild and beautiful coastline. The South Pacific region of Costa Rica is known for being more untouched; what you can experience here is still very authentic to how the entire country was many years ago. The coastal environment attracts colorful birds, and its rich waters are enticing to divers.

Costa Rica

Located in Central America, Costa Rica is a country that has unlimited potential for adventure, relaxation, and learning. Although the country is small in size, covering only 0.03 % of the surface of the globe, it proudly shelters 6% of the known biodiversity on the entire globe. Costa Rica has dedicated an immense amount of resources to maintain its environment, preserving 25.58% of its land as national parks or reserves.

Costa Rica is a democratic and peaceful country, and it has not had an army since the year 1949. The friendly people of Costa Rica along with the country’s endless natural beauty has led the way for tourism to become one of its most important industries. This wealth of natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere allows Costa Rica to be one of most highly valued tourist destinations on this planet.

Costa Rica’s territorial division includes 7 provinces, which are: San José, Alajuela, Cartago, Heredia, Guanacaste, Puntarenas, and Limón. Together they include extensive rainforests, volcanoes, rivers traveling through the mountains, beaches and safeguarded natural resources that offer near-limitless possibilities for adventure and fun.

The Southern Zone, where Ballena Rentals is located, has the highest percentage of land devoted to National Parks and Forest Reserves with the greatest biodiversity of any region in the country.

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