About Us

Our farm in Playa Ballena, known as Finca La Roca, has been in the family since the late 70’s. Finca La Roca, consisting of over 200 beachfront acres adjoining thousands of preserved mountainous acres, was once primarily cattle pastures.

Since our family purchased the farm we have made a concerted effort to restore it back to its natural beauty by not cutting any trees and allowing corridors to re-grow and limiting coastal development. These natural corridors are what provide a venue for many monkeys and other wildlife to come down from the mountain forest canopy and enjoy the plentiful fruits growing along the coast. Now we are sharing this beautiful area with our guests as a memorable vacation destination.

You will enjoy a safe, private farm that is in a rare location where wildlife inhabited forest reach beautiful beaches that see very few visitors. You will be surrounded by serenity and natural beauty.

Our desire is to share the beauty of Ballena with all of our guests. We live on the farm and will cater to your needs. Our goal while sharing this special place with you remains to preserve the surrounding areas in its natural form.

Pura Vida!

Natalia & David

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